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Not quite sure of the quality of music?  Download a short sample of 8 cool tunes found on eMusic. (3 MB download)

Get 100 free MP3s from!

Get artists like Great White, 50 cent, Oingo Boingo, Van Morrison, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Louis Armstrong, Yo La Tengo,The Get Up Kids, Dashboard Confessional, Paul Westerberg, The Cramps, Lightin' Hopkins, Caia, The Kinks, Rocket From The Crypt, Bob Marley, Bill Evans, Isaac Hayes, Booker T And The M.G.s's, Diango Reinhardt, They Might Be Giants (TMBG), Wes Montgomery, Ella Fitzgerald, and much more...and yes, there is no DRM on these songs.

I've been a member of eMusic for 3 years and I'm very satisfied with the service. It's the only legit, 'artists get paid' service that doesn't put DRM protection on the MP3s so you can put it on your CDs, portable MP3 player or mix it up.

CEO of Acoustica, Inc