Photos Forever Testimonials

I simply wanted to say thank you for a really nice piece of software that enabled me to save the precious photos of my family. Very clean interface, easy to understand and best of all, it simply worked very well. Thanks again!

Greg Freeman

Hi I believe this program is a God send. It will help every digital camera user to easily safeguard their pictures and projects. There are hundreds of back up programs out there, but none as user-friendly as Photos Forever. Simply said it is a phenomenal software program. Thanks for letting me try it!

Tom Malone / DataCruise

Hi, I am not a real pro with the computer but I am willing to try new easy sites. My first try with Acoustica CD Label Maker and Photos Forever was so easy I decided to buy both and I am enjoying making labels and the Photo Sheet with the numbers sold me. So many times I have wanted to make another copy of a photo and I have wasted so much time and photo paper trying to get the correct picture. Your site printed out for me a sheet with 184 pictures and numbers so I just choose the number I want to copy and zippo I have it.. Thanks so much for simplicity.

- E.Aloupis MA

The program is simply great. It is so easy to work with. I backed up 1847 pictures and in a matter of just a few minutes all the pictures were burned to a CD. The "key" list that was created is a terrific way to keep tabs of what pictures are on which disk. Thanks for creating a program that does so much with so little effort. Very simple..great results.

- Shirley Zephyrhills, Florida

Very neat and effective. Easy to use and offers a wonderful way to provide backup with ease. I recommend it highly..

- Jim McAllister Ava Mo

I can not believe how easy it was for me to use photo forever software. I backed up all my photos on CD with the greatest of ease. Thank you for an outstanding product!

- Charlie Willis

I've been meaning to let you know that 2 weeks ago the drivers on my computer became corrupted and I had to reformat my computer. Because of this Photos Forever, I still have all my photos!! Thanks again for a wonderful program...

- Anna Gallant

This program worked very well on my computer. Its photo burning wizard is convenient for novice. It automatically searches pics from different devices quickly!

- Tony Brooks USA