Pianissimo Reviews

Classroom Music Magazine

Classroom Music Magazine "Pianissimo is a delight to use and also appears to be light on CPU usage. It represents and absolute bargain as far as price and quality are concerned." —Tony Cliff, Freelance Composer and Performer


Keyboard "Pianissimo is kind to even average systems. On a dual-core PC running at 2GHz or higher, expect ten percent CPU usage or less!"

Music Tech

Music Tech "Pianissimo is an ideal option for those of us [who] want piano tracks that stand up to critical listening."

Computer Music

Computer Music "If you need a single, high-quality piano sound, Pianissimo is a really great buy. 9/10"

  • Pianologist.com "For value and performance, the Pianissimo is a total knockout." Read the review »
  • SonicState.com "Here's Acoustica Pianissimo – its only $79 and its only 256MB." Watch the video »
  • PC World Australia "Pianissimo is a virtual piano plug-in for your PC that sounds great." Read full review »
  • PC Advisor "Let's get the evaluation out of the way up front: Pianissimo is a virtual piano plug-in for your PC that sounds great." Read full review »
  • PC World "Taken as a whole, this is super nice little piano program/plug-in and its sound has really grown on me. I'm actually using it on a couple of my tracks, which is the highest compliment I can pay it." Read full review »
  • Cariboo Computer Magazine "This software cant be beat, very good Acoustica, you have another winner with Pianissimo." Read full review »
  • Music Radar "Acoustica is the latest software developer to launch a virtual grand piano instrument. This goes by the name of Pianissimo, and emulates a Steinway Model D grand." Read full review »