Stand-Alone Host

The stand-alone Pianissimo host lets you quickly play, record, load MIDI files and even render MP3 files. It's great for learning, getting down a quick musical idea or as replacement for an actual grand piano.

Pianissimo Stand-Alone Host

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VSTi Plug-in

The Pianissimo VSTi plug-in can be used in any Digital Audio Workstation (D.A.W.) such as Micraft, Cubase, Reason or Fruity Loops.

Pianissimo Plug-in

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Tone Controls

The Tone Controls dialog allows detailed adjustment of the tone and response of the piano.

Pianissimo Tone Controls

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"The tone quality and dynamic expression are very impressive, and incredibly, the sound has the character of a real Steinway model D 9'concert (like the one I used to tune and spend many hours with 2-3 times per year!)"

— Paul, semi-retired piano tuner/technician