Pianissimo Testimonials

"I think, over the last decade, I have tested all virtual piano's existing on this planet (sampled, physical modeled, and combinations). Pianissimo is by far the most rich sounding and most playable ever!!!"

–Remco de Hundt

"I installed Pianissimo yesterday and still cannot believe the sound quality and features. I've been an avid amateur pianist for about 40 years now. Currently I have a very nice Yamaha C7 acoustic concert grand as well as the CLP380 Clvinova. As a test, I opened up some MIDI solos created on the Clvinova, then exported these as MP3's and directly compared to the original ones created with the CLP samples solos. Clearly superior with a warmer and fuller sound! "

–Finn Augensen

"This is the best poduct I have tested. The sound quality is better than a lot of expenseive software. It's sounds like a true piano. "

–Martin Dupond

"Sounds beautiful the whole way through and with Mixcraft 5 it's now possible to produce a full orhcestra sound thanks to pianissimo"

–Brian Waymire

"You know, here I sit with three decent virtual pianos in Pro Tools: Alicia's Keys, the Garritan Steinway basic, and Pianissimo (with the Fxpansion VST to RTAS wrapper). As I play them for various people, the one that jumps out at everyone as sounding like a real piano is Pianissimo. There are things I like about the other pianos: they seem to have more velocity layers for instance, but overall I must say that Pianissimo is my favorite. Not just mine, it seems to be the one everyone who hears them back to back likes best as well. "


"This is an amazing product. The sound quality is brilliant! It's not too demanding on the CPU and best of all, the price is very affordable. Well done to the guys at Acoustica!"

–Elgin, London

"I've been writing & producing music since the mid 70's. Over the last two years I've been replacing my six, six foot racks of hardware synths & samplers with software. I've tried (and purchased) lots of piano vsti's and sample libraries including Galaxy II, The Old Lady, Black Grand and several others. Most of the multi-gig pianos can really overwhelm my PC, with Pianissimo I can throw as many notes as I want without a single glitch. The warmth & playability of Pianissimo is really incredible, especially considering the price! The audio demos were okay but actually playing the trial version sold me after a few notes! Thanks for the beautiful musical piano. "


"Today I had to record a piano & violin duo on a budget (for free!) at my home, but I don't have a piano, so the pianist played on an M-Audio Keystation 88es. At first I set it up with Pianoteq 2.3 but when we had to mix the tracks I also loaded Pianissimo and Truepianos and let them choose. They both preferred Pianissimo, and me too! It has a warmer and richer tone and gives you an authentic sensation of hearing a real grand piano that marries perfectly with the sound of the violin. Well done!"


"Featuring a FANTASTIC visual view of an acoustic grand piano, Acoustica has mixed their knowlege of producing fantastic programmes visually with one amazing sounding virtual piano! With MIDI input, you are able to play with Pianissimo just like a full-sized piano and have the ability to move your 'virtual piano' to any room or location you like (take the Concert Hall preset - it really does sound like you are performing infront of thousands!) And if that wasn't enough, Pianissimo can be integrated into Mixcraft or any other recording software for further editing! Pianissimo is a great tool for anyone; whether it be professionals or home users, Pianissimo is a great way of producing the same great sound of a grand piano but without the huge dollar bill!"

–Adam Holden

"I have just purchased Pianissimo and this has to be the best piano sample ever! I have used stage pianos (electronic) but this beats them all. If this sound was put into a 61 note weighted action keyboard, it would sell like hot cakes I am certain! There is a real need for a good stage piano in the market. Well done to all involved in this!"


"This is the best standalone piano program I have found, and the price is incredible! I often make accompaniment CDs for my private students and this will be a terrific improvement over the sounds which come with Finale or Sibelius!

The ease with which it is possible to get exactly the proper desired sound combined with how easy it is to incorporate it into Acoustica Mixcraft make it a "can't live without" tool for every musician who works with a computer!"


"I love the piano and will be purchasing it. It doesn't have quite the dynamics of my NI Akoustik, but it's so musical, such a great sound, it's a great alternate piano. ... Anyhow thanks for the great software (I actually prefer your Reverb on Pianissimo more than the NI piano rev)."


"Remarkable. The samples seem to be true; utility is markedly intuitive; and apparent acoustic adjustments in plain English are a welcome and much-needed advancement. Very realistic and easy to apply. Interface between Pianissimo and Cakewalk is efficient, though I wish that Pianissimo would remain available when a new MIDI is loaded in Cakewalk, as the need to re-initiate is a bit of a pain. I find it particularly simple in practice to "zero" all sound card and Cakewalk tonal effects, and then simply utilize Pianissimo as the rendering engine for effects, tonality, etc., and final conversion to .wav or .mp3 format."


"Finally a 'real' piano and not an all-singing-all-dancing synth! Low latency means I can finally play jazz into my recording software in real time. Sounds and feels great to play."


"Pianissimo is easy to use,extremely playable, addictive, sounds great & one of the best sounding grand piano plug in/standalone sound modules you can buy, and at an affordable price too! The Acoustica team has surpassed themselves once again. Brilliant!"

– Bill Tustain (UK)

"This is by far one of the best Piano Modules available. It's Simple and Sweet. It just sounds like a Piano, well many Pianos. The Lid Adjustment, Hammer Action and MIDI capability make this a very useful VST/Standalone module."

–Shades of Grey Recording

"The tone quality and dynamic expression are very impressive, and incredibly, the sound has the character of a real Steinway model D 9'concert (like the one I used to tune and spend many hours with 2-3 times per year!)"

–Paul, semi-retired piano tuner/technician

"This is the best VST Piano that I have ever played, low latency, great sound. Acoustica I love you!"

–Leo, Andreas Eberhardt