Free Sound Effects

Do you have the strange desire to combine boiling water and a horse? Mix in a chicken if you feel like it!  Its your soup.  Grab the free sounds here! Our software, Mixcraft, can make strange dreams come true.

Want a custom sound effect request? Check out They have a great database and will help you find that ever so elusive sound effect! also has tons of great sound effects in a huge array of categories.

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Mixcraft 8
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Get Free Sounds!


crow1a.wav (5K)
crow2a.wav (5K)
hen2.wav (40K)
hiss2.wav (61K)
horse1a.wav (23K)
lamb.wav (38K)
wolves.wav (52K)


alarm1.wav (7K loopable)
policesiren2.wav (51K loopable)
siren1.wav (45K loopable)

Human Sounds

heartbeat.wav (47K loopable.)
bigfart.wav (37K)

Vehicles Machinery


am2.wav (59K) (am tuning for 10 secs.)
big_door_shut.wav (34K)
bookclose2.wav (4K)
boilingwater1a.wav (60K loopable)
churchbell1.wav (62K)
clock10g.wav (44K loopable)
feedback2.wav (19K)
fm2.wav (243K)

Special Effects


rain.wav (150K loopable)
thunder.wav (105K)
wind.wav (115K loopable)

Baby Sounds

Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer is an intuitive audio software package that will allow you to create your own sound collaborations using WAVE'sand MP3's you find on the Internet or record from your microphone or CD.
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