Tagging/Naming Your Recordings Screen

Enter in the artist, album, genre, year and comments for your recording.  Click on each track to type in a track name.  If you want to double check a track, you can click it to play it back.

If you have already entered the track or album information on a previous screen, it will already be entered.  You can optionally click the "Look Up Album Information..." button to connect to the MusicBrainz.org service and automatically look up the album information and track names!

TIP: If any track looks extra large, it may actually be two tracks.  Click "<< Previous" and double check it in the Preview & Edit screen

This track information will be used for:
  • CD Text for burned CDs (If supported by your hardware)
  • Tag and file naming.  (If rendering to audio files)
  • Sending track information to the CD/DVD Label Maker.  (Optional add-on)

    TIP: You can use the TAB key or the arrow keys to quickly navigate from track to track.

    Click "Next >>" when you are done.