Spin it Again Testimonials

"This software is well-thought out, logical and truly easy to use. Much, much easier than Audacity which overwhelmed me."

-Maurice Read

"In the past, I have tried several pieces of software to transfer several hundred LP's and 45rpm EP's to CD. They have all been clumsy, required online connection to iTunes or have just required many too many steps. Spin it Again is by far the best program I've encountered to save my LP's. It's easy to set up,and to use. Thank you."

-Bob Willis

"I have about 200 LP's to transfer to PC(LP's are 60's 70's and 80's - not a scratch) So I want a quality transfer - Well after 3 months of agony with Audacity 1.3 beta I web searched tried all the free ones - no luck then I found and chose Spin it again - so easy compared to audacity - (you have to be a sound engineer )- plus problems with audacity and windows 7 record Ok for a while then garbled - no support from them at all. sampled Spin it again - so nice, relaxing, easy not getting frustrating - walks you right through the process! just getting started, thank you!! Well worth the money."

-Bill Lynch

"I've been looking for the right LP to digital software for about a year now. I had 6 or 7 hundred LPs in my garage taking up space that I missed listening to. You see a lot of promises regarding analogue to digital software on the internet and everything that I tested fell short. I've got to tell you, your software delivers as promised. You don't have to be a programmer or recording engineer to use it. I've been transferring my LPs to my laptop and Ipod for a few weeks now and I'm addicted. It's all I want to do with my spare time. My Lp's are like old friends that I haven't seen for a while and we're chatting up a storm. Thank you."

-Jared Gleason

"Hello, can I just say a very warm thank you for the help of your kind staff over the last few days in getting the wonderful Spin-it-Again up and running on my new Laptop. As always your service and efficiency was second to none. Not only have you a first class product and an organizational back-up to match, but your staff continue to provide a brilliant service. Many thanks"

-Roy Henry Williams

"This software is fantastic. I have used several other packages, but non equal to this one. Makes excellent recordings. I have enjoyed this program for some time. Had to redownload due to computer failure. No problems reinstalling, and getting up to speed again. Thanks for a fine program."

-Charles H. Parker

"A fine product is only as good as the support that you get with it. Well I love the ease of use (at least on Spin-It-Again), it makes the job easy. Now I find out (first hand) that the service and support are as fantastic as the products. I will be looking closely at more of the titles offered. Thanks for a job well done."

-Hank Klimczak

"I just downloaded the free version of Spin It Again 2 and within an hour had hooked up, recorded and burned my daughter's beloved cassette to mp3. She is ecstatic; and I must say that I'm feeling pretty punchy because it was so easy. The recordings are crystal clear. Acoustica has set the bar for EASY set-up; the screen by screen set-up was smooth. I'm about to buy this download and search their site for other software. And I can't wait to share this with my colleagues at work."

-S Johnsey

"I love this software, it's one of my favourite programs that I use. I have 13 boxes of LP records, stacks of old 78's and about 200 cassette tapes and I've been busy copying them onto CDs. Without this program (and I've used others that I didn't like) I wouldn't be able to enjoy the process of copying as much and probably wouldn't proceed with my hobby if it wasn't so simple to do."

-Frances Cormier

"I have used SIA I do believe since the product was released. I've found nothing better with all of it's parameters available for use. Also it's ability to let you take control on many of it's settings. It is the best money I have ever spent on computer software. I have done both LPs and tapes with this software with no problems. Many people who have heard the CDs that I have made myself, have stated they sound better than purchased CDs, Especially in car CD and car MP3 players. I am 63 years old and treasure the music I have. Now it will be treasured forever thanks to SIA AWESOME SOFTWARE. There just isn't enough room to praise this program. "

-Bob Clarkson

"I am delighted with this recording program. I used it on a trial basis and it fullfilled all of my requirements for a recording program, using my extensive LP collection. I am thrilled with the results. I am recommending it to friends who also enjoy their music and want to update and improve the sound of it. (My comments as an 84 year old senior)."

-John Washburn

"I have spent hundreds of hours digitizing LPs using Syntrillium's Cool Edit, and later Adobe Audition. This labor-intensive process made for a slow conversions: lots of listening, editing, and tweaking to get the results I wanted. These full-blown WAV editors and multitrack recorders were huge toolboxes, when all I really needed was a screwdriver. Enter Spin It Again. SIA does everything I need to digitize an LP, and nothing I don't. It records at a high resolution, splits tracks automatically, performs pop/click and noise reduction, saves to WAV and MP3 (among other formats), and populates MP3 tags for me —all in a streamlined process that walks through the natural steps one would follow if LP recording and editing by hand. The best $35 I ever spent on software. My hobby has been reinvigorated. Consider yourself hugged."

-Ethan Banks

"I purchased Spin it Again about a month ago and have since transferred dozens of my old cassette tapes to MP3. I just wanted to say what an awesome piece of software this is. Having the ability to pull track data from the internet is a real time saver. The filters you supply make the recordings sound like they're direct from CD. I am very impressed and I figure your software has saved me hundreds of dollars over the cost of replacing my old cassettes with CD's or downloads. I have a huge cassette collection and many of my tapes are no longer in print or even available as downloads any more. It's great to be able to breath new life into these old recordings. Keep up the good work and thanks!"

-Bob Mills

"Very good product and easy to use. I'm really impressed by the immediate response to my request for retrieving lost codes (so I could install program on my new computer). Would recommend to anyone wishing to install their old records into itunes. "

-Jim Kenely

"I was given an ION turntable for a gift and wanted to use it to convert my extensive album collection to MP3 files. The software that came with the turntable, "EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter" did not work. I did an internet search, found a trial version of Spin it Again. I converted three albums and was hooked. The program was easy to use, allowed me to pause the recording, allowed me to separate the tracks and removed the crackle & hiss of my old records. I love it and I will be spending many, many hours saving my old tunes."

-Mark Ducker

"I have recently upgraded my computer from Dell, and back in about the year 1998 or 1999 I had been using a borrowed product from a good friend called Cool Edit to record some of my old vinyl's to CD. I hated that program, what a cumbersome piece of crap to try and get a good recording. It was so technical and had so many filters you would never know which one to use to get the best quality in recording.

I was so amazed when I recorded my first vinyl today with spin it again software. I basically just hit the record button and let the program do the rest of the work. Some of my old vinyl's will never be published again and I feel that the value of some of those old vinyl's, you can not put a price tag on, they will just become lost music in time.

I have over 1,000 vinyl albums in my music collection and your software has changed my whole thought process as well as being able to bring back with ease some fine music that has much been missed especially over the past couple of years. So after my first recording today I purchased your product. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in a quality recording program that is quick and easy to use. Just sit back an enjoy, no more hours of testing and adjusting to record."

Thank you, I am happy with this product."

-Herbert Edmunds

"I tried using Roxio Creator and Audacity to my record collection to MP3s via a usb turntable. While each program had some good points, I wanted a program that had the best items of each -at a reasonable price. Having had great success from your CD/DVD Label Maker, I decided to try Spin It Again. What a joy to use!! Extremely user friendly, has all the elements I require, is quick and the results are nothing less than outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending this software to anyone wishing to copy their vinyl collection."

-Stuart Felstead

"This software works as advertised. Excellent user interface, intuitive controls, and tutorials that make sense. I made a perfectly good music CD the first time I tried it. If you want to convert your vinyl to MP3, this is the tool you have been looking for."

-George Butler

"I've been transferring, for the church that I belong to, cassettes, mini discs and video tapes. I've been using a much more expensive product so that we can have our choir's music, conveniently in MP3 format. With the other program I have to load, test and shorten, to produce quality CD recordings. A friend recommended Spin It Again and said it would work much easier. This is a really great product!"

-Bill Jakub

"Currently working on a major audio restoration project for Mike Harding a well known writer–artist–performer–presenter for BBC radio 2 here in the UK.

The project involves remastering albums from vintage vinyl and it's been a real struggle. Have tried a number of well know pieces of software / plugins on the market but can't find anything that will do the job properly.

Just tested the demo of Spin It Again on my office machine and I have to say I'm gobsmacked with the results. "


"Thank you for EXCELLENT products. I was nervous about the process of digitizing my very large collection of records. Your software is incredibly easy to use, has excellent filters for clicks & pops removal, and in general, I am just very impressed. Thank you!!"


"I am very pleased with the product! It is easy to work with and does everything it claims to do.

After hours of frustration and no success with Audacity, I gave up on freeware. At Amazon I encountered Spin It Again. The testimonials there were unanimous in their praise. Next I went to the Acoustica website for more product information. This is where I found the free trial download.

Between the free trial, the helpful setup wizards, the powerful product capabilities, and above all, the easy operation, this product is a real winner. It would be a bargain at twice the price!"


"Wonderful! LOVE Spin It Again! I put a combo phonograph/CD/cassette recorder on my Christmas list and would've purchased it if "Santa" didn't bring it. However, the price was very high ($399.00) and the reviews were less than spectacular. So, I did some research and discovered Acoustica Spin It Again. I can only say, Wow! Simple to use, very high quality recordings, and instead of collecting dust in my "history bin," I will now be able to enjoy songs of years gone by wherever I may go. Thanks for creating such a great application!"


"When new audio equipment no longer offered a 'Phono' connection, I believed that my extensive LP collection was gone for good. In any case I packed and stowed it away in a safe place along with my turntable.
The other day a friend of mine showed me a new USB turntable that came with something called East Vinyl Converter, a very basic and locked program. I knew that moment that my LP's had a chance but also that this new turntable was not up to my old one.
So, I started looking for solutions in the internet and came up with an inexpensive way to hook up my old turntable to my computer, via an inexpensive mixer (that I already had) and a USB audio converter from the local Radio Shack.
Seeing how limited and unfriendly the Windows native apps are, and how complex and unintuitive some other high end programs like Nero SoundTrax (also on my disc) or Audacity are, I looked for specialized software, finding a plethora.
After trying up several programs, Spin It Again came ahead of the pack by a long way. I thank you for the well designed and intuitive program that is already helping me create CD's of LP's that never made it to the digital media. The wizards and filters are superb and after a couple of recordings it all turns second nature. This program is worth many times its price."


"I own over 1000 Rock, Blues and Jazz albums that I have been collecting ever since the early 70's. Some of the albums will never make it to a commercial CD format as some albums are from now extinct record labels such as the Flying Dutchman label and CTI label. Some are also from bands that never went on to sell a million copies, so it is not in the best interest of the major labels to release them on CD. They are all in mint condition, because when I was younger they were a source of great joy to just kick back and listen to some great music on my stereo. I have tried to convert my albums in the past, and admittedly spent over 300 dollars on some very technical software that takes an engineer to figure out. It is possible to get a decent CD after hours of tweaking the software, and basically bending the audio files to your will, but honestly, how much fun is that?
Along comes Spin it again. Now this is an application that makes all my other programs completely obsolete! I took my out of print Azteca album (which is available as a CD online for about 40.00 to 95.00 for a used one) and fired up Spin it again. After allowing the wizard to set the correct volume, and then used the light cleaning and equalizer for the recording setting, I burned my CD. The sound of the CD is actually better than the original album! All the small surface noise is gone, and the sound is very bright, but not artificial. It is just amazing! Now on To Gato Barbieriâ's Under Fire Album, Gil Scott Heronâ's Pieces of A Man, Buddy Richâ's Stick It, Dreams featuring the Brecker Brothers and Billy Cobham, Cold Bloodâ's First Taste Of Sinâ...well you get the picture.
Thanks Acoustica for another great product!"

—Gregg Hernandez

"My parents have about 200 records, most of which they don't listen to anymore. Many of the LPs date back to the 60s and 70s.
My mom recently asked me about a hardware-based LP to CD converter from Sears for $400. I was pretty sure that with their existing stereo, Dual turntable and Pentium 4 computer, we could find a software solution that would do the job.
I searched the Web and found a few suggestions, but then I went to Amazon.com and found reviews on Acoustica's product. The reviews said great things, so I downloaded the free demo onto my parents' notebook. To make a long story short, Spin It Again exceeded my expectations. Right now I am listening to MP3s of one of my favourite albums from my teenage years that never made the jump to CD, and the conversion to digital files actually sounds better than the LP. The same with some of my parents' albums like The Carpenters Collection and G.I. Blues.
Thanks for making a great product!"


"Best and easiest program to use that I've ever come across! ! ! Keep up the quality and the standard. You've excelled yourself."


Spin It Again is the best software for seamless LP to CD. It's so good even I would pay for it! Acoustica rules.


I have spent 2 days researching LP or Cassette to CD or MP3 and Spin It Again is the best! I love it and the CD Label Maker too!

-Kaele / Erie, PA

Wow what a great product. I have over 300 out of print albums, instead of spending a ton on new CDs, all I have to do is convert them using Spin Again. It's simple to install and user friendly. Plus the sound quality is top notch! It's well worth the money. Thanks!


Last year when my grandmother died, my mom and I found several boxes of vinyl LP's from the 20's to early 70's that were in mint condition. We were wondering how we could preserve these and enjoy them at the same time. After looking at other products and some $700 machines, I tried your product and I must say, besides the ease of use, it did a fantastic job of removing popping and cracking on some of them. These songs are now sounding better than the original and we can still enjoy them for years to come. I have told my friends who I know have old LP's and 8-track's about Spin It Again and they have tried it as well. Thanks for such a great product.

- Chuck Lineback

Wow, what a great product. I have over 300 albums that are out of print. If I could find them, it would cost me a ton of money to buy them all on CD. Now, all I have to do is convert them using Spin Again. It's simple to install and really user friendly. Plus, the sound quality is top notch! It's well worth the money. Thanks!

- Larry Bohannon Prattville AL

All right, I don't testify either but I love this program. I have spent two days testing ten cassette to computer software programs and this has been the easiest and has the best quality of all. Although I have had it only a couple of hours, I have done three cassettes. Love it!!! AND I like the Label Maker also!

- Kaele Erie PA

This is one of the best-designed, elegant and easy to use programs that reside on my computer. The features belong in far more expensive programs. I have about 200 vinyl LPs and I will happily spend my time in retirement (next year) using your excellent software to convert them. Best Regards,

-Peter Boyd Downunder (Austrailia)

We are using Spin It Again in a whole different way at our church. For 30 years, we have recorded our services on cassette tapes, and have accumulated boxes and boxes of tapes. When our tape duplicator bit the dust, and a new one was going to run us $800, we decided to build a computer and start recording services directly to the hard drive, archiving them as mp3 files, and then burning CDs as needed. After trying nearly every application out there, and resigning myself to needing at least 3 different programs, I stumbled upon Spin It Again. I have already used the MP3 Audio Mixer for years, so I was familiar with your company. Spin It Again absolutely did everything we needed it to do! What a great program!!

- Ed Chavis Augusta, Georgia

I can't believe how easy it is to use. Usually when you download a programme, you get a load of technical jargon. Not so in this case. I used the free trial and was so impressed I decided to go ahead. I did have an initial problem, but after an email to your support team, within 12 hours I was successful in my first of many CDs. Thank you for such an easy program at such a reasonable price and also thank you to your support team for responding so quickly with something that I could read and understand.

- Eileen Rice Leighton Buzzard, UK

You guys are the best! My husband has been bugging me for 15 years to find a way to transfer his multitude of vinyl records to CD. We have moved the mountain of records 4 times. Finally, with the help of your terrific support staff, you made the miracle happen. I can't thank you enough. It's the best and easiest program I could have found. Bless you guys.

- Essie Canada

I had a keen interest in High Fidelity from my youth. In 1975 I purchased an AR Turntable, a Stanton 681EEE (Calibration Standard) Phono Cartridge and a pair of Advent Speakers. I still have that setup today--nearly a third of a century later. I had a large collection of LPs, but when CD was introduced, I put away all the vinyl and began collecting music on CD. Twenty years later my interest in vinyl reappeared, and I began dubbing my LPs onto CD. Unfortunately, they had their share of surface noises, despite the care I gave them, and the listening experience was unsatisfactory. I then began using another product (DC Millennium) to clean up my LPs, and I never could get it to do a good job. There were just TOO MANY filters, TOO MANY possible settings (everything from attack and decay time, to how strong to make the declicker). All I ever wanted to do was to get the pops, clicks and crackle off of my LPs--I didn't want to add reverb or vacuum tube effects. I just wanted my LPs to sound the way they did when they were first played. I stumbled upon your site and saw the trial version. I figured, "why not?" and downloaded it. I already had some WAV files of LP transfers on my hard drive, and I selected one that a particularly annoying crackle that sounded in time with the music. I had tried numerous approaches to eliminate it in my other software editor, but nothing worked. I clicked on the "Vinyl Clean Up and Decrackle" preset, and I was blown away by what I heard. No clicks, pops or crackle. Just the music! And no need to have an audio engineering degree to get good results, either. This product is ideal for anyone that wants to transfer their LPs and Tapes to CD, and wants to clean up the accumulated audio annoyances that are on the original media. I buy lots of LPs at flea markets, and I typically end up with boxes of LPs that were previously played with cheap cartridges and turntables. There is often groove damage. Your software eliminates it nearly completely, making it possible for me to let that old music live on. I cannot thank you enough for developing this tool, and for making it so simple to operate.

- Larry Yaremko Philadelphia, PA

Do you guys know what you've caused here? I have tons of records in my collection and you've invented the finest recording device known to the industry. Do I ever have my work cut out for me! Spin It Again makes encoding easy and the end quality is unbelievable. The person who wrote this program is a genius. A future experiment is to see what Spin It Again does for 78's.

- Glen Pitts Stockton, Ca.

I have had Nero and other much more expensive programs but this is by far the best program I have found. I highly recommend this easy to use, efficient program , also the support is outstanding.

- John Bradford Trenton, Ga.

This software is so easy to use and the end product is pretty amazing, you can even tailor the sound to your own particular liking using the available plugins. Pity the poor suckers that dumped their vinyl collection and are now paying top dollar for re-issues on CD using similar analog to digital technology. I'm in the process of of copying some boxed sets of vinyl onto CD's in the MP3 format, the idea being for casual listening, but I cannot tell any difference between Wav and MP3!

- Terry Ackland Canada

Hi Gang, what a superb piece of software. It does what it say it will easily and effortlessly. Having downloaded and installed it I was able to successfully transfer the first of my old vinyl LP's to CD. All surface noise was removed. Excellent! I didn't even need to refer to the tutorial, it was just so intuitive to use. Best Regards,

- John Steel UK

I've been using Spin-It-Again to convert several hundred cassette tapes to CD's. It's great! Using Spin-It-Again I don't even have to baby-sit the cassette player to make sure I am there when the tape ends. The Acoustica software just pauses when there's a period of silence at the end of the tape. It patiently waits until I come back in the room and flip the tape over or I go on to the next step in the process. I'm delighted with Spin-It-Again. So easy to use.

- Denise G. Florida

To be honest, we usually take testimonials like this with a pinch of salt, never knowing whether they are genuine, or written by over-enthusiastic owners of the website. We shy away from the comments that seem to suggest that it's impossible to describe the product without the overuse of a hundred exclamation marks, or EVERYTHING IN CAPITALS or worse still, txt tlk. And we certainly never write anything ourselves without being 100% convinced that the product works, is easy to use, and does the job that we bought it for. Quite simply, Spin It Again has done what it says it will. It is simple to use and work with, and it made transferring our old tapes to CD format easy. It even puts tracks in for you, and does the burning to CD without having to juggle a few different things at once. We would (and will) definitely recommend this to anybody.

-Jason and Michelle Scotland, UK

At last - a tool for the rest of us! I needed a simple and effective way to transfer my extensive vinyl collection to CD and Spin It Again is definitely it. Enough flexibility to satisfy my needs without the complexity and button tweaking that the audiophile wants and which most of your competition insist on. Thanks for a great and truly useful product.

- Mike Van-Gent Luton, UK

I've been using Spin-It-Again to convert several hundred cassette tapes to CD's. It's great! Using Spin-It-Again I don't even have to baby-sit the cassette player to make sure I am there when the tape ends. The Acoustica software just pauses when there's a period of silence at the end of the tape. It patiently waits until I come back in the room and flip the tape over or I go on to the next step in the process. I'm delighted with Spin-It-Again. So easy to use.

- Denise G Florida

I downloaded the trial and was very impressed with the ease of use and the cleaning and EQ effects. But I thought I could find something just as good if I looked hard enough for free or for less cost. I found that I could not after several days of searching the web. Spin it Again is the most straight forward audio editor I tested. Great software! I am now hearing records on my Ipod that sound better than I ever remembered them sounding.

-Marvin Detroit

Simple to use. Lets me go away while it makes pretty near perfect recordings. My favorite: it accurately divides the recording into tracks, but lets me adjust the track if I need to, and it easily and neatly cleans up the hiss and pop from my old recordings. All at an affordable price! I could scarcely ask for a more useful little program.

- Tracey Colorado

I just wanted to drop an email to thank you for your product. First, it works as advertised - an amazing event AND the user interface is the best I've worked with. It is clear, concise and easy to use. I just bought a new car and, surprise, there is no cassette deck. I thought I'd never hear some great old albums again, but now I can. I've been singing your praises to all my friends. Keep up the good work.

- Mike Hays Bass Harbor, Maine

This is the best vinyl to CD software that I have seen. The track recognition and separation mechanism is extraordinarily accurate and where small adjustments are needed (which isn’t often) the track starts and ends are easily adjusted. The interfaces are very user friendly and the level setting and hardware connection buttons, quite useful. The CD burn part of the program works well and makes it easy to record from the vinyl or tape and produce a CD all in one integrated operation. Unlike many programs of this genre, this one really works and makes transfers easy with a minimum of redos. Acoustica has a great team and they write great software!

- D. Green Boulder, CO

I've had your Spin It Again product for about three weeks and I have successfully transferred 35 albums and 6 tapes to CD,s. I must admit that I was a skeptic when I first purchased the download, but you have made a true believer out of me. I read many of the testimonials, which were product supportive and I always wonder it they are legitimate or not. Now I know that these are legitimate. I'm a musician and I have lots of material that I want to convert - so to say that I am happy to find a simple way to accomplish that is a tremendous understatement. You product works EXACTLY as promised. It's simple to use and doesn't require anything more than a stereo or tape player to make the recording for transfer to the computer and then on to the CD. One of my goals was to put our old music from our collection on my ipod. You have made that a reality - thank you - thank you - thank you. I have already been busy advertising for you with my friends and relatives and I know that several of my contacts are going to be (if they haven't already) purchasing the Spin It Again program.

-Norman Queen Damascus, Maryland

SPIN IT AGAIN .... so easy, even a caveman can do it. :)

-Tony Powell

Just tried Spin it Again, having tried innumerable other product that claim to make it easy to transfer audio tape to WAV files. Guess what? Spin it Again works! Without having to read 20 pages of instructions or spend hours setting things up. A truly intuitive programme! It does what it claims to do. Well done.

- Paul Freedland Milton Keynes

Back in the "good ol' days", when I was an AM jock (back when FM was just a 'news source'), I remember the steps we had to take to clean and preserve our 'records' so they would play clean and clear on the radio... what a pain! And when you got a 'tonearm' dropped on a record, it could create a 'backbeat' sound - record ruined! When you had a 'scratchy memory' that needed adjusting, you played it out to a 'cart' recorder, using an equalizer. Only problem with that was to take out the 'ricecrispies" (snaps, crackles and pops), you adjusted the high frequency ends of the music, but that would cause you to lose clarity and fidelity. SPIN IT AGAIN has brought new life to my vinyl collection. I thought I would have to get rid of all these records (after painstakingly making a list of the music I wanted to keep) and download new digital versions of them. Problem! Some of my stuff is simply NOT available on CD or in digital format! I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with Spin It Again and send my ever lasting gratitude to the geniuses at Acoustica for making this product and process possible! It is easy to use and actually performs miracles! As a former disc jockey, I HIGHLY recommend SPIN IT AGAIN to anyone who is a 'vinyl-phile' or even just has a lot of 'old records' laying around they'd like to enjoy again!

-Nathan Hutchison (The Hutch) too many stations to count! Missouri

I grew up listening to my father's record collection and now that I have a family of my own, I want to share those old songs with my children. I tried many high priced software applications to convert my LPs and cassettes to MP3. They were all complicated and had more features than I would have ever used. I could never get the recording to sound good. Then I stumbled upon Spin It Again. I downloaded the free trial and was just amazed at how easy it made the process. The voice prompted step by step instructions made if very simple. I also like the auto record volume feature which sets the record volume at the right setting to limit distortion. The product is very user friendly and does exactly what it was supposed to do. It even tags your audio files correctly during the conversion process. It does a wonderful job of auto detecting songs and the noise/pop cleaner is just amazing. I recommend this software to anyone who wants a simple, easy to use solution to convert LPs and cassettes to CD or MP3. Thanks for a great product.

- Timothy Davis Callahan, FL

I found out about your company and product via trusty old Google. What a find. I've been thinking about and wanting to rip all my old classic rock vinyl LP's, but had no idea how. After a simple Google search, I found Spin it Again and downloaded the trial version. Wow is all I can say. What a great product. I really like the audio walking you through the flow. It did a great job of lightly cleaning the first LP (Best of Jethro Tull). I didn't even need the extra free burns. I purchased it on the spot. Thanks!!

-G. Strouse Northampton, PA

I just ordered Acoustica Spin It Again, because it gave me astonishingly good results. I had a favorite old Marlene Dietrich LP from 1952, of songs she had originally recorded for the OSS. It was in sad shape - so worn that it sounded like a 78 rpm from the nineteen twenties, full of pops, clicks, wow, results of worn-out needles. I was amazed by the cleaning results of Spin It Again. I also used Spin It Again to clean up some Judy Collins records from the seventies and compared them with previous remastered CD's I have. The Acoustica-restored sound was better than the remastered CD's. Spin It Again is awesome!

-J. Rochow Arlington, VA

This message has been long over due since I purchased and installed Spin It Again. I am ecstatic over how well the program works. It is extremely easy to use. Where I had to watch/listen to break tracks on my CD recorder, Spin It Again allows me to walk away to do other things while IT automatically handles the tracking. It's AWESOME! Records never sounded better. I have already converted over 90% of my Christmas record collection with much pleasure.

-David USA

I was skeptical about 'Spin it again' originally, but I have just 'given it a go' and Crikey it's a ripper!! I have never seen anything so user friendly and simple to apply, but most of all it WORKS!! It's money well worth spending! My 300 odd old vinyl's will force me to sit with my PC for a long time to come!

-Gary from Australia

I sent you an email with some suggestions for the Acoustica MP3 mixer, and after I finished, I saw the banner for Spin It Again. Imagine that, I mention in my email that I was using the program to record VINYL and I get a banner for a program dedicated to just that.... hmmmmm...! Anyway, if I was impressed with the abilities of the Acoustica MP3 Mixer for recording vinyl, all I can say about Spin It Again is that I am in AWE! This will save me HUNDREDS in charges for downloading music from Walmart.com, and that's only when I can find the music I'm looking for! I will be registering Spin It Again on payday. Thirty Five bucks is cheap when you look at how much I've spent at Walmart.com to download digital copies of music I ALREADY OWN. And that doesn't count the money spent on buying copies of LPs from record stores to get unblemished versions of mine! You have a fan for life here! Keep up the GREAT work!

- W. Stanley

What a brilliant and efficient bit of kit! It really could not be easier to use, especially if, like me, you are a complete novice in this field. I can highly recommend this software to anyone. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

- Richard Hall Brighton UK

Listen ! This software is awesome, I love it, I love it! It's just what I wanted. It is very simple to work with and it also give you that option window to review and edit your material before you actually burn them to your cd . I will be purchasing a hard copy of this software before the week is out. I just emailed the link for your web site to my friends. I want my testimony to be posted on your web site. Thank you for making such user friendly software. There is no more headaches to put my entire cassette, LP and 45's to CD again. Thanks again guys !

- D. Anthony

Guys, I was skeptical about 'Spin it again' originally but I have just 'given it a go' and Crikey it's a ripper!! I have never seen anything so user friendly and simple to apply but most of all it WORKS!! It's money well worth spending! My 300 odd old vinyls will force me to sit with my PC for a long time to come! 'I hate you' says my wife :) but I love you! Acoustica rules!

- Gary Australia

I am indebted to whoever came up with Spin-It-Again. After painfully and slowly converting some of my LPs to MP3s with Roxio products, switching to Spin-It-Again has blown me away with its ease of use and speed.

- E. Terry

Wow! I downloaded your free trial and within 10 minutes I was creating CDs from my old cassette tapes. Exactly as you describe it - easy and fun to use. The next day I purchased Spin It Again and have already "converted" 15 tapes. I can hardly wait to get to my LPs! The short wizard is wonderful and the audio voice adds that extra touch. As far as I'm concerned, you've got the best value for my software dollar compared to all the other programs sitting on my home PC. Thanks Acoustica!

- Ted Duffy California

I was using Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 to convert my old LP's to MP3's and to CD but found their track detection was not very good but, that it did to a very good job of getting rid of the hiss and pops. It was also very good at giving the MP3 a deeper bass than was on the original LP. I am a subscriber to Smart Computing and read the write up they did on Spin It Again. So, I downloaded it a tried it out. After using it for 2 LP's I had not been able to get the quality recordings that I was able to with Roxio, but your track detection was GREAT! I emailed your support about the quality issues and within 24 hours they responded with instructions on how to fix it. And it worked (I just didn't know what I was doing). The quality was there and so was the track detection. After my 3 free recordings I purchased your program not only because it preformed better then Roxio but also because your tech support was prompt and accurate. Roxio is a suite of applications that does many things, but if all you want to do is record your old LP's to MP3's Spin It Again is half the the price and does twice the job. Once again the track detection is GREAT!

- Jerry Mace Brazil, Indiana

This is a fantastic product. After suffering for years trying to use Easy Media Creator, Spin It Again is now making my life much easier. Since buying it, I have converted a lot of cassettes taking very little time. The program seems to do all the work and is very easy to use. Thanks again for providing me with great software.

- Rob Wilder New Mexico

I've been in marketing in the PC business for 30 years and I have to tell you, Acoustica has one of the best web sites I've seen. Both from a marketing stand point and user friendliness. I love to see sites like yours. Also, I've been using Spin It Again for about a week. I am converting a 50 record set of the Detroit Concert Band recorded 30 years ago. The band is not around any more, so it's a very special project for both of us, but I had no idea how to do it. I searched the internet and found a lot of software that was impossible to use until I found yours. Spin It is one of the best and most thought out programs I've ever used. What a joy it is to sit down and convert and burn these records to CD's with just the push of a few buttons and get excellent quality recordings. Thanks for a great product.

- Gary Warren

Spin It Again is a miracle product. Makes LP conversion a snap. I can finally listen to my father's records on a more conventional format thus preserving the originals. The resulting audio output is absolutely amazing. I had a hard time believing it came from an LP. I'm definitely glad I stumbled upon this program.

- Jason Phoenix, AZ

Well, it is such I wonderful program to work with. Before I had found it (Spin It Again), I had to record each track as a wave file, then use another program to convert the wave file to MP3. But with Spin it Again I can record from records or tapes, set the recording level automatically or manually then I can record both sides of a LP and break each of the tracks up, name then and then convert to MP3 files or burn them to a CD and also clean up the tracks. This is the best program I have ever used. In all the time I have had it it has never crashed or failed in anyway. It is such a good program, well written and easy to use. Thank you again for such a great program.

- Martin Busby London, Uk

I think that Spin It Again is a fantastic program to record my old LPs to CDs. I had been using Nero 7 which lacked several features of Spin It Again. I have stopped using Nero. Thanks Acoustica.

- AVC Colorado

I have an extensive collection of LP's and several programs that allow recording of audio input to hard drive and CD. None of the programs I had tried handled the track splitting process as well as Spin It Again. It's as if someone that had gone through all the headaches of trying to easily do LP and cassette transfer to CD was also a programmer/developer. Even when a song that has quiet sections such as a classical piece is broken up, it takes seconds to put it all together. As we say at Fedex, Bravo Zulu for a job well done.

- Neil Blanchard Memphis

I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I have tried many methods of coping tapes and records, even bought different items on line. They have been so hard to try to use I would give up. Spin It Again is so simple to use that I wish I had found it a long time ago. Would recommend it to anyone. You may use this statement anyway you wish. Thanks!

- Ken Buck Cocoa, Florida

After trying out many professional and consumer level noise reduction programs, I was shocked to find that Spin It Again would both load high resolution .wav (24 bit, 96kHz) and that with a little work it did a better job of reducing noise without introducing artifacts than any of the solutions I had tried! I was also very impressed with the level of control offered. I bought it just for this feature, and consider it a very good deal.

- Sam McClellan Amherst, MA

Spin It Again has enabled me to take my vinyl collection ( 7 milk crates JAMMED full ), a lot of which are out of print records and unavailable on cd and burn them and enhance them to digital perfection. I have been able to burn over 150 12" singles and albums and I haven't experienced ANY problems. This Program is going to revolutionize the nightclub scene for the retro DJs of today. I am a retired DJ of over 17 years and I have my former colleagues constantly looking at me when I play something on my cd player saying "where did you get that on CD" I simply tell them about the program and they say they cannot wait for it to be released for them to buy it. Great Job Guys! Keep it up!!

- Alex